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Brian Kamau Irungu

Author: Brenda Brittain 
Location: 214 Taylor Road Elgin, Texas, United States     
Signature: My life journey has taken a new road with the publishing of my book, THE SEVEN COURSES OF CHRISTIANITY. The release date and book signing locations will be upcoming by Tate Publishing.

I was the last child born in the Fabens, Texas hospital before it was torn down in 1957 and have lived my life thus far in Texas and New Mexico.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family, including my husband Joseph, Son James Joseph (JJ) and step children Brandy and Shad.  Our family unit over the years have included horses, goats, cattle, gerbils, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats. 

We are owners of Mint 2-B Farms, Inc., which encompasses our business ventures.  The name Mint 2-B Farms was inspired by our wedding song, sang by Barbara Mandrell and Lee Greenwood.  A verse in the song says, "Just as sure as I'm sure there's a heaven, this was meant to road is too long, as long as you belong to me. " This phrase spoke to us spiritually and we knew that if we listened to God, and believed in Him and followed the road he has laid out for us, that our life would be as it was meant to be.  And Praise God, it has been a blessed journey.

I began my writing career when I was the Town Planner in Anthony, Texas.  A Community Development Block Grant was given to the small Texas border town (1/2 of the town is in  Texas and 1/2 in New Mexico) to provide a newsletter.  I was reporter, writer, and photographer.  I then checked my work as editor and proof-reader.  My stint also included selling and designing ads for local merchants.  The "Anthony Times" newsletter  grew into "The Rio Grande Gazette" fully staffed newspaper that covered all the communities in the Valley between El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

I have had a variety of jobs and careers over the years, some great and some not so great.  All have taught me great lessons about life, work ethic and character.  One job at a veterinary hospital had me cleaning a cat cage every morning.....the occupant kitten had a chronic case of diarrhea.  When asked how I could face that every morning, I answered...when you start your day with this type of mess, it can only get better.

Our family has two philosophies we use to guide our daily lives.  The first is There are a lot of things worth fighting for, buy nothing worth fighting about.  My husband and I have lived this one successfully for 27 years. The second is You will find your prayers are answered when you actively participate in the answering of the prayers of others. We try to respond when we see a need of others that we are capable of filling.