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Brian Kamau Irungu

About the Site

The Book Writers Network is an initiative of GetSet! Communications based on over 15 years of providing websites to authors and based on the feedback from the writers on the features they desire. This website contains the most popular and frequently asked for modules. The modular concept of the site allows for the content to be displayed on several different networks after being added, and members can add all the modules and features to their own website. Furthermore, the experience of GetSet! Communications in designing and maintaining websites ensures that the authors and information on the website will rank highly in search engines and will be readily accessible to the web browsing public.

The Network is priced to be accessible for the new struggling to-be-published author starting at $25.00/year plus a one time $10.00 sign up fee. On the other hand the site is powerful enough that even the most seasoned authors can use it it to promote themselves, their works and their websites.

The Standard Package includes: (Price: $25.00/year + $10.00 one time fee)
Profile: A detailed web page which can contain links to your website, blog and contact form.
Email Form: Where people can contact you without having your e-mail address visible and other features to eliminate the site as a source of spam e-mail.
Books: The Standard package allows you to promote up to ten books, including many common book details plus the book cover photo and links to the place where the books can be purchased. More books can be added by upgrading to the Premium Books module.
Reviews: The Standard package allows you to add reviews for your books. Upgrade to the Premium Reviews module to allow other people to add reviews.
Guestbook: Invite your fans to sign your Guestbook. Premium Module allows you to have access to formatting the right column.
Articles: Submit articles of interest to other authors and your readers.
Calendar: Add your information to the Events Calendar (coming soon)
Premium Modules
The premium modules can be added to the Standard package. Most of the modules allow you to have control over the right hand column of the website to add your Banners, Books, Events and other promotional items.
Books: Add up to 200 books and customize right column (Price: $20.00/year)
Guestbook: Customize right column (Price: $10.00/year)
Reviews: Allow visitors to add Reviews, and customize right column (Price: $15.00/year)
Banners: Create banners with your book covers and our easy to use templates. The Banners can be added to your pages and will rotate through the website. (Price: $25.00/year)
Blog: Add your blog to the website. (Coming Soon)
Cart: Sell your books online using a PayPal account and our online Shopping Cart. (Coming Soon)

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